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Sunday 4 December 2016

A Plan for Brexit

There is a widespread call from all those europhiles that voted for remain in the EU referendum, for the Government to set out its plan for the Brexit negotiations. The Government has already said that the plan is to get the BEST POSSIBLE deal for the UK and that a debate will be held in the summer after Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty has been triggered by the end of March. They have already, and in my opinion, reasonably said that they are not minded to give a running commentary on progress. It would take up too much parliamentary time for one thing. However that has not appeased those who are resistant to logic and reasoning who want to debate every nuance of the negotiations irrespective of the widely held view that too many cooks spoil the broth.
But what is it that they want, exactly? The Government has from the outset said they would implement the result of the referendum. There was no talk of the populace voting for the destination not the journey, they argue, trying to muddy the waters. Surely the result of the 'in' 'out' referendum was clear; nothing matters except that the UK leaves the political entity that is the EU. There was no mention of 'hard or 'soft' Brexit; no mention of 'black', 'white' or 'grey' Brexit. The whingeing remainers want a plan; but what does that mean? Nobody has ever left the EU before; there is no pre-existing plan, this will be a blueprint. In any case what would this plan look like? I wager that if you ask any remainer what such a plan would like like-headings only will do- they wouldn't be able to say. In any case when we had a referendum to join the Common market there wasn't a call for replays. There was no appeal to the High Court saying that the Government had no prerogative powers to take us into the alliance, despite yielding Sovereignty.
I wish the Andrew Neils of the world would take a tougher line with those that want to undermine the will of the people and applaud Julia Hartley-Brewer for exposing the shallowness of the Lib-Dems. It was wonderful to behold.

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