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Thursday 2 November 2017

The DAVIES HYPOTHESIS. A declaration.

The DAVIES HYPOTHESIS. A declaration.

The universe is ordered as it is because nature must take account of all the correct answers to the question: What are the fourth roots of one, unity.

Where 'i' represents the square root of minus one.

Each of the dimensions we recognise, three of space and one of time, has to be defined in terms of each of the above answers. Therefore, ultimately, there must be sixteen (4x4) dimensions to explain everything.
Although we only perceive the answer highlighted, the world we perceive, its complications and paradoxes are the result of nature doing what the hypothesis suggests. Not the eighth or sixteenth roots but the unique solution offered by the fourth roots. Evidence of the use of the square roots of one can be seen around us; it gives rise to choice, contrasts such as good and evil and others briefly outlined in the biblical book of Ecclesiastes 3. But life is more complex than that, hence the fourth roots. By adopting this concept I am able to answer the questions of how the universe came into being and explain the nature of time. I refer interested readers to my book or the series of talks on you tube called The Davies Hypothesis

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