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Monday 27 July 2009

The Yeoman Synopsis



A story of mystery and greed and yet hope.

Liz, an advertising manager in an upmarket magazine and her chemist husband, Jack Lord, decide to change their lifestyle and buy an inn, in the village of Buddleigh, a pleasant village, near Bustington, in the Saigh Valley.

Under new management, the business booms in the late eighties and their Bank are keen to fund the expansion deemed necessary to accommodate the growing trade. In fact the bank managers almost insist that the Lords borrow more. Initially, it looks as if the enterprise has paid off but bust was soon followed by boom in the early nineties. As the recession and high interest rates took their toll, the bank repossessed the property, leaving the penniless Lords to move into Council housing. As Liz Lord finds a job in teaching, her husband starts to write a novel.

The ‘Yeoman’ had been in the hands of the same family for countless generations and several centuries and within its walls harboured dark secrets from the past. Fate seems to be playing a strange hand when after some mysterious happenings; an opportunity arises for the Lords to wreak their revenge on the ‘greedy’ banks and the unscrupulous managers.

At times, comic, at other times tragic, the tale of the ‘Yeoman’ is a story of mystery and intrigue that draws the reader to ponder on the vagaries of life.

Kevill Davies

May 2009

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