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Wednesday 19 August 2009

UFOs and other science news.

Some science news

Close encounters... UFOs made 600 visits to the UK in a single year, according to MoD 'X-Files'.

So says the Daily Mail on 18th August 2009.This comes as no surprise to me; nor does the news that scientists working for NASA have found an amino acid in the tail of a comet.

The Daily Telegraph reported on 18th August that the amino acid glycine was found in samples from comet Wild 2 brought back to Earth by the American Stardust probe.

The substance is one of 20 amino acids which join up in chains to create millions of different proteins, the molecules from which all the cells and structures found in living organisms are made.

The theory of Panspermia, put forward by Hoyle and Wickramsinghe years ago argued that life was introduced to the earth by passing heavenly bodies such as comets and that life was widespread throughout the universe. That is not to say intelligent life, but mainly simple life forms such as single cell structures, bacteria and viruses. It was suggested that major plagues were instigated on earth after the planet passed through the tail of comets. Many people scoffed at their proposition when it was first published at the end of the last century, but maybe they will be proved correct, after all. The universe still holds many surprises and the existence of ufos and the creatures that drive them is but one. Elsewhere in this blog, you can read my theory of negative dimensions that use the quantity 'i' or the square root of minus one. Ufos are machines that operate in such a 'negative' world. Sometimes, they are seen when their dimensions are changed or flipped at the 'veil of reality'.
For those who scoff, let me say that there is to much of it to be ignored. Sightings by witnesses of impeccable experience and standing now join thousands of others going back twelve thousand years, at least.

In another report on the same day, the Telegraph reports that two American mathematicians, Blake Temple and Joel Smoller, mathematicians at the University of California and the University of Michigan, have come up with a view that does away with the need for dark energy in Cosmological theory.
I think not. Dark energy, like dark matter, cannot be seen and again people are sceptical about its existence. Black holes can't be seen but scientists believe they've found evidence for their existence by seeing their gravitational effects on surrounding stars and galaxies. The existence of dark energy will be proved one day to be part of the negative world that makes up one of the two parts of our universe.
From the beginnings of time, people have recognised this duality, splitting them typically into 'Light' and 'Dark'; 'real world' & 'spirit world'; 'Yin' & 'Yang' and Heaven & Hell.

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