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Friday 2 October 2009

Mobile phone 'Happy Hours'

Mobile Phone Offers.

Have you noticed that mobile phone companies are offering more and more free call time in an effort to attract more customers. To my mind it's not unlike a pub drumming up business with 'happy hour' deals and with possible similar disastrous consequences. The pub deal encourages people, particularly the young, to drink to excess in the belief that they are getting a good deal.
So too with the mobile phone companies; they are encouraging predominantly young people to hold an electro magnetic device close to their brains for longer and longer.

I don't know about you, but I'm not convinced they're safe. A good friend of mine died a few years ago from a brain tumour. Since then I've heard of countless such deaths from a disease hardly heard of in days gone by, before mobiles. Naturally it's not in the interest of the big companies, nor the Government to highlight that there may be a problem, not only with masts but with the actual phones when they are held so close to the ears.

As a precaution, ALL mobile phones should be sold with earpieces, so that users needn't hold the device close to their heads.

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