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Monday 19 October 2009

Race and IQ. Science's last taboo.

Race and IQ. Science's last taboo.

Channel 4 are to air a controversial programme, 'Race and Intelligence: Science's Last Taboo', challenging the scientific proposition that the IQ of different races varies, from the Australian aborigines at the bottom of the pile to the most intelligent from North Eastern Asia; people from Japan, parts of China and Korea.

This is sure to upset those whose sensibilities are hurt by any form of racist comment or suggestion. Am I upset that, as a European, I am not as bright as a Japanese person? Are my Human Rights infringed by these revelations? Not a bit of it and neither should anyone else be upset by the findings, even IF they are true.
I, however, wouldn't be surprised if it's true. Never mind intercontinental variations, I find that there's a huge variation in IQ within, say, the British. From the super intelligent people like Stephen Hawking to the Neanderthal like creatures that cause so much mindless trouble trouble in town centres.

To test whether there is any validity to these findings I have devised a short test for you, the readers. Please answer these questions with a 'yes or 'no' answer.

1. Can you identify an indigenous African winner of a Nobel Science Prize?
2. Can you name one indigenous African composer whose work has been performed at the Proms or broadcast on Classic FM?
3. Can you name any indigenous African artist whose work has appeared at a major art gallery.

If you record three 'nos', I suggest that either the proposition has some validity or that I've chosen the wrong questions.

Now, in case you think that the latter is correct, I want you to repeat the questions but this time in place of 'indigenous African', I want you to insert the word, 'female'.

There are no prizes for giving Marie Curie as a female Nobel science Prize, she won it in successive years, but I suspect you can think of no others. Nor will I accept Tracy Emin in the third category on the grounds that she isn't accepted as a 'Master'.

I wonder if Channel 4 have the nerve to ask the same questions?

For those of you who think that I'm being unfair, please be consoled with the fact that I can't think of one North East Asian person that answers the questions either.

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