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Tuesday 15 December 2009

Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury has attacked the Government for treating religious believers as 'oddities'. He told the Telegraph: "The trouble with a lot of Government initiatives about faith is that they assume it is a problem, it's an eccentricity, it's practised by oddities, foreigners and minorities.
'The effect is to de-normalise faith, to intensify the perception that faith
is not part of our bloodstream.
I don't know about that but I do know the extent of the brain washing that
has allowed the Churches over the centuries to ensure that believers carry
on believing despite the total lack of any real, scientifically verifiable,
evidence that a super being exists.
The other day the report into the sexual abuse scandal in Ireland was published, revealing the horrific treatment youngsters were routinely subjected to by priests of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. My first reaction would have been to tell them all to go to hell, but no; a man from the Republic said that the Pope should apologise. The Pope!! Why? Where was his God when all this was taking place under the roof of his house. It didn't occur to this man that perhaps after all the Church, like the buildings, was man made for the benefit of men and that, in truth, his Church was a crock of shit; there was no God. He has been conditioned by years of spiritual grooming to believe in God, no matter what happens to him. Could he be called an 'oddity'?
It isn't the first time its happened. There was that scandal in the United States
not so long ago and the Pope has recently apologised for his Church's indifference
to the suffering of Jews in the Second World War. It isn't only the Catholics that are brain washed. I saw a recent TV programme about Jewish prisoners of war holding a mock trial with God in the dock, charged with neglecting his people. God was found guilty but I don't recall any of the prisoners offering the alternative possibility. You can't find a figment of the imagination guilty of anything. Despite all that happened in the Nazi concentration camps, there are Jewish folk who still cling to the hope.
What should you believe? I'll tell you. Celebrate that you are alive and able to think and understand. That in a cosmos of trillions of planets in billions of solar systems in billions of galaxies there is one planet that allows human beings to exist and you are one of them. The atoms in your body could have easily made you into a bit of detritus on the sea shore but they didn't. They formed YOU, something so special and unique, it the the true miracle of the universe.

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