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Thursday 10 December 2009

Dark Matter

News today in the Daily Mail that scientists hope to announce soon that they have positively identified dark matter for the first time.
Readers of my blogs will know that unless these scientists have discovered a way of identifying objects with dimensions containing the term 'i' or the square root of minus one, they wont succeed. Not only can we not see such an object, we cannot appreciate the substance it contains.
In a four dimensional world, with one real, (ie +) dimension (time, say), one negative dimension and two containing dimensions with 'i', then the volume can be seen to be REAL. (ie 1x -1x i xi = +1).
This object is real in that although we cannot see or appreciate it, it can impact on our part of the universe. It will almost certainly relate with gravity but possibly not always attractively. Antigravity caused by these objects can give rise to the accelerating expansion in the universe.
Physics has failed to explain singularities, black holes and the true nature of our universe. Scientists have failed to integrate the physics of the very small with the physics of the very large. It's time to abandon the old science, the failed theories and adopt the new truth.
The universe is composed of two parts which together essentially add up to nothing. Yin and Yang is one way the ancients described it. They knew. The part we cannot see or even imagine needs our brain to see and understand negative dimensions. This will need a new breed of scientists, possibly not alive today, but who will be born to introduce the new era.

Kevill Davies

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