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Monday 28 December 2009

New Cosmology.

Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent Daily Telegraph recdently posted an article about the worries of an eminent American physicist concerning the future of science.

Former Harvard professor Shahriar Afshar said that failure to find the particle (the Higg's Boson) with the new CERN Hadron Collider would bring current scientific theory tumbling down like a house of cards with nothing to replace it.

The controversial physicist, whose Afshar experiment has already found a loophole in quantum theory, said that unless the scientific community starts contemplating a "plan B", failure could lead to "chaos and infighting".

He said failure will undermine more than a hundred years of scientific theory and undermine some of the mainstays of sceintific thinking, the Standard Model, a general theory of how particles fit together to create matter.

Readers of my blogs will know that I have already formulated a 'New Cosmology' based on the premise of a two part universe, composed of the 'real' cosmos, we live in, and the 'complex' cosmos defined with negative dimensions including 'i' or the square root of minus one. In my theory, the Higg's Boson cannot be found in the Collider because they have no detectors to observe a particle that is 'unseeable'. It is defined by at least one dimension (not time) containing the term 'i'. Scientists have believed that it may be one of what they call WIMPs, Weakly Interactive Massive Particles. I predict that the particle has no interaction with our cosmos and will only be found because it will resonate at a detectable frequency when suitably excited.
The Higg's Boson is not the only cosmic object to be invisible to conventional human experiment. Dark matter and energy are other manifestations of the other cosmos that can exist in our universe. In a four dimensional universe and assuming time is positive, then dark matter is held in an envelope with one side negative and two sides containing the term 'i'. I use the term 'sides' loosely as the objects will most likely be amorphous. This object will have a 'real' volume (1 x -1 x i x i), ie it can exist in our 'real' cosmos, but will be invisible to man or our instruments.
There was no 'Big Bang'. If something sounds unlikely, looks unlikely and smells unlikely, it probably is. How was the dual cosmos formed?
I believe that a special quantum event caused the creation. Unlike normal electron/positron formation and collapse, this quantum fluctuation was exothermic in that surplus energy was a side product of a creative process that gave an imbalance in the two universes. The 'real' universe had more energy as a consequence. The so called background cosmic radiation is in reality the universe growing from nothing.
When supernova explode and gravity induces massive contraction, a 'black hole' is not produced but dark or invisible energy/ matter is transferred to the other 'complex' cosmos in a huge balancing act, where the rule of the conservation of energy is observed. The two halves of the universe, always give zero total energy.

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