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Wednesday 10 March 2010

Horizon- New Cosmology

BBC2 screened a Horizon programme yesterday on the doubts scientists have on the creation scenario mapped out by the 'Big Bang' theory.
These doubts have been spawned by new discoveries of dark matter and energy and the realisation that the universe is expanding more quickly than the theory allows. For the first time in decades, the siren voices of dissent are being heard. Followers of my blogs will know that I have published on this blog and on my web site a new theory of creation that not only predicts dark matter and energy but insists that it exists, whilst explaining why to date the elusive 'Higgs Boson' particle has not been found.
The big surprise on the programme is that there was not one mention of Time. To my mind, a fuller understanding of time is essential to a complete understanding of the universe.
For more information see, 'New Cosmology' on this Blog or click on:

All I ask is for the readers to consider what I'm saying and comment as appropriate. This proposition might sound fantastic but I believe we've now got to think the unthinkable to find the answers.

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