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Friday 30 April 2010

Lemming Party politics. Meritocracy part 2

Folowing the theme of my blog on the Lemming Party and after the third Leaders televise debate, it is becoming ever clearer that Democracy doesn't work.
The debate was so boring I went to bed at about the half way mark because they were saying nothing new, repeating mantras and concentrating on the other party's manifestos rather than their own agenda. Gordon Brown as the incumbent Prime Minister was not held to account for his part in the present debacle. They cannot trust the people to vote the way they want, so they prefer to say nothing. If this is the case, why bother? Democracy is an unworkable dream. It has served its purpose, taking countries out of the dark ages but now is the time to move on. Although it is flawed, I'm beginning to believe that the Chinese have stumbled on a better system with a ruling 'elite' who act in the Country's interests. This focus will make their country strong through administrative efficiency, prosecuted by targetted initiatives and policies. The people will not suffer because the rulers will know that their number one resource are the very people who rely on them for good governance in a two way understanding.
One more thought on the relevance of Democracy. Since these debates, I am amazed by how many people are saying that they won't vote. They either can't see a difference in the Parties or they are dissillusioned with politicians generally. Either way, Democracy isn't working for them. It'll catch on!!

Following the failure in Greece, the credit rating of Spain has been devalued and Portugal is on the brink. These countries, like the others in Europe are essentially socialist and their policies are now not to be population driven but imposed by the IMF, the International Monetary Fund. It is the clearest indication yet that Socialism DOESN'T WORK. You cannot keep voting to have something for nothing. You cannot continue to vote for  the Lemming Party and doom. Since it is human nature to want handouts, the populace cannot be relied on to vote for the national interest. It has been the same in Thailand, where the electorate have consistently voted for a party that bribed them with either false hopes or money. Thailand doesn't rely on the IMF for correctional therapy, it sends in the army and removes the Government in a coup. It has had to do this on numerous occasions in the last thirty years.

In the US people are marching against the bankers.Why don't we see the same in Euope? I'll tell you why. Top politicians in Europe see the banks as a safe seat when their days in front line politics is over. They have consistently played down the problem they cause whilst doing everything they could to protect banks. Why have no bank officials been arrested?
People should be mad with the people who have been speculating with their money in a deal that if it went well gave the bankers huge incomes but if it went wrong gave the bank customers huge headaches. It is fraud; clear and simple and that hardly any high ranking bankers in the UK have been arrested is scandalous.

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