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Tuesday 18 May 2010

labour leadership

I see that Jon Cruddas has pulled out of the Labour party leadership.
I wonder why? Has he been warned off by by higher powers; higher than the Labour party executive, that are keen to see their man elected. John McDonnell is the only person standing against the Miliband brothers and I forecast that he too will drop out. Andy Burnham is yet to say whether or not he'll stand but I don't hold out much hope. You see, I believe that the powers that be in the Socialist Party, have enough confidential information on the aspirants to convince them it would not be in their interests or that of their family to stand.
Ed Balls is a different case. I would say that he too would pass were it not for the fact that he and Lord Mandelson have both attended Bilderberg group meetings. This secretive organisation is suspected of harbouring desires to rule a new world order, but it is shrouded in mystery. Have Balls and Mandelson another agenda. We'll have to wait and see
I seem to remember reading that Tony Blair accumulated information on each and every member of Parliament when he came to power. These privately held notes were, it was rumoured, to be used to control and manipulate members and I wonder if they are still being used.
Who are these powers that be? I don't know but if I had to speculate I would have to say it the usual suspects, headed by the Prince of Darkness himself.

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