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Tuesday 11 May 2010

Lemmings 3

The election is over. The politicians are saying that, in effect, the people have voted for a 'hung' Parliament, where no party has an overall majority; the first for over thirty years.
This is, of course, ridiculous. The people have each voted for a a party; it is the electoral system that has thrown up this result and signals, yet again how poorly it serves the populace.
The horse trading has begun with the Liberal Democrats talking first with the major party, the Tories and then with the Labour Party. The Liberal Democrats are looking for a guarantee of proportional Representation as part of their lending support to each coalition. Since this did not form part of the Tory or Labour manifestos, this is tantamount to holding the nation to ransom in their own interests and may backfire in future elections. The electorate will not quickly forget how their vote is abused. Following the politician's expenses scandal, the population is thoroughly fed up with the political process and this election will go no way to appease the feeling that they are all self serving trough feeders.
Whilst the politicians talk to one another in the hope of settling on an arrangement that enables a Government to be formed, the money markets are jittery and the pound sterling under threat. Democracy is not being well served by the process, Worse, observers at the election have said that the way it was conducted would embarass a third world country with voters being locked out of polling stations after 10pm.
As part of their bid to share power with the Lib Labs, the current PM, Gordon Brown has said he'll stand down in the Autumn. Is there nothing this man won't do to stop the Conservatives getting power?. What is it that he has to hide that may come to light under Cameron's administration? Dr. Kelly's death?

How much better this would be in a Meritocracy under the Crown. The Country would be Governed by a Cabinet of five appointed secretaries appointed by the crown, including a Prime Minister. One of the five would be the Leader of the House of Commons, where debates would hear elected representatives of the people. The leader of the House would inform the Cabinet of debate resolutions without guarantee of implementation.
The appointed cabinet would be people with a record of honesty and devotion to the nation of the United Kingdom without outside interest nor political or religious affiliation.

An elite who have no interest in the ordinary man or woman in the street? Sir Peter Lampl, Chairman of the Sutton Trust, said: "These results show clearly that the educational profile of our representatives in the 2010 Parliament does not reflect society at large."
54% Tories, 40% Labour and 15% Lib Dem returned to Parliament were educated at fee paying schools, representing 37% of all MPs. There will be 11 Old Etonians in Parliament and 102 Oxford educated MPs. Parliament is already elite and so it should be. Only the best should serve the people, but in my view there are a proportion that will not act, for a variety of reasons, in the true interests of the nation. The rulers must be appointed and not elected.

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