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Tuesday 29 June 2010


Fabio Capello has been told by the FA that his future as England Football team Manager will be decided in the next two weeks.

The team's abject performance in the South African World Cup tournament surely means that his tenure is over despite having two years left on his recently altered contract.

I believe Capello already knows this and has been given two weeks to tender his resignation and therefore save face. This may be more important to him as despite the compensation, being sacked from the post will not look so good on his CV and blemish his reputation. He has been given two weeks in which to make alternative arrangements; some large European clubs are said to be interested in him.

Despite what he has said in post match interviews I doubt if he is serious in wanting to stay after the John Terry press conference in which players were said to be unhappy with the Italian.

I hope that in the light of recent experience the FA now appoint an Englishman to the post. It surely makes sense to have a man who understands the English football game, the trials and tribulations of the English season and League. I for one think that no one is better suited than Harry Rednapp.

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