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Thursday 12 August 2010

Unite Union and BAA Strike threat

The Threat of Strike action by BAA staff at six UK airports is nothing less than blackmail, trading on the misery of the long suffering travelling public. If the company don't give us what we want we will stop the company trading.

I don't know the BAA Company position but I do know that the BAA staff have jobs and their pay and conditions are far removed from those of a sweat shop. The people they are using as pawns in their dispute are not confined to the travellers. Hotels and other businesses at the destinations are going to pay the price, as are the actual airlines that use the airports. Its tough enough for businesses where I live in Southern Spain as it is without further reductions in visitor numbers. Its not about getting a few quid more in the pay packet down here, its about people going out of business altogether and losing homes. Talk about selfish!

I believe the time has come to ban union strikes altogether unless it is balanced by a Companies right to withold employment. I've never understood why it is acceptable to withold labour and not the other way round. If a BAA employee is unhappy with their pay and or their conditions then they should resign and go and find a better deal. Simple!

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