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Thursday 16 September 2010

New force hits space probe?

The Daily Telegraph reports that a space probe launched 30 years ago, Pioneer 10, has come under the influence of a force that has baffled scientists and could rewrite the laws of physics.

Much weaker than gravity, the force seems to be pulling the probe back towards the sun although it left, what scientists thought to be the outer limit of the Solar System, years ago.
Unknown forces? space? Could the spacecraft still be under the influence of gravity or is it another force. Readers of my blogs will know that we exist in a two-part universe. The 'perceived' universe has an all pervasive but invisible and unknowable counterpart that makes a zero energy whole. This imperceivable universe is characterised by matter with negative dimensions including some described by the sqare root of minus one. Gravity however, probably and uniquely, extends throughout both parts of the universe. Could the latest observations give scientists a measure of the strength of gravity that hitherto hasn't been observed or could it be a force exerted by clouds of dark matter or energy that although imperceptible to humans can have a 'real' effect on our part of the cosmological duality.

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