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Sunday 19 September 2010

Nuclear 'key' to Britain's energy future, says Centrica's Roger Carr

Roger Carr, chairman of Centrica, has warned that Britain has to wake up to its future reliance on nuclear energy if it wants "to keep the lights on".
Report in the Telegraph.

Common sense at last. The trouble is he's talking about bringing in Uranium fuelled, French designed reactors at the end of the decade. Wrong technology and far too slow. We need to be building British Thorium fuelled reactors now. If the previous Socialist Government, ex members of CND, the lot of them,  had stopped licking Greenpeace's a*** they might have seen how stupid it was to run down our nuclear research establishment at Harwell in favour of building windmills.

For a rationale on why we must invest in Thorium now, click on the link below. I couldn't put it better.

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