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Thursday 28 October 2010

Europe. The new reality

The prime minister says that he may have no option but to rubber stamp the EU's demands for an increase to its budget. This at a time when every single person in the country is having to accept deep cuts in personal living standards. But who in Government cares what the British public wants. If Governments did what the public wants we'd have the death penalty back for murderous perverts like Ian Huntley.

If the UK is indeed 'sovereign' why can't Cameron just say 'NO'? The truth is the UK is now tied into treaties that cannot easily be reversed, a situation that has been steadily achieved over the years without the public being fully aware of what has been happening. When they have been aware, as with the Lisbon Treaty, they were promised a referendum by the then PM, Gordon Brown, who subsequently renaged on his pledge to the electorate. He was the only person in the country who maintained that the treaty did not effect a change in the constitution. I bet he knew what he was doing.
This Europeanisation of the country has been completed, little by little with the full collusion of the UK Government. Now we are helpless as they run Europe as a single state. You have to admire their gall. They couldn't have done it by being honest.

The Telegraph reports that the new EU Foreign Minister, Baroness Ashton, will open new 10.5 million euro premises to house her diplomatic team in the Spring. A diplomatic team no less. It's no wonder David Cameron doesn't seem that bothered that the two new aircraft carriers won't be equipped with British fighters. He knows that when they come into service, they will be Britain's contribution to a European fleet, complete with French Mirage aircraft, Italian, Agusta helicopters and armed with Swiss, Oerlikon, made ammunition.

Why don't they come clean? We might understand or even approve. Our Army will be trimmed to a level needed by the EU Generals for fighting new battles against possibly new foes; perhaps against old allies. As the big powers realign themselves in the fight for the world's diminishing resources, perhaps we'll need to unite the European forces to preserve, say, oil reserves in Arctic territories against Russian land grab, or maybe the Falklands from combined South American nations.

The point is, I think it's time the people of the United Kingdom were told the truth about Europe. What is happening?

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