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Wednesday 20 October 2010


The Lemmings Party are on a hiding to nothing over deficit reduction plans. They got the UK into the mess and they have no credible plans to save the country from bankruptcy. They really have nothing to say yet they must go through the motions of holding the coalition Government to account
Today, Ed Miliband gave the worst performance of any Party Leader that I can remember at Prime Minister's Questions. In a word he was dreadful, no doubt causing many in the Parliamentary Labour Party to wonder how he came to be elected leader. No doubt Machiavelli in the form of Mandelson will be stirring things up in the background, while in the meantime, the former Prime Minister and Chancellor, Gordon Brown, continues to maintain a very low profile; keeping his head below the parapet. He is no doubt that when he does show he will take all the flak for leading the country to the verge of ruin by reckless overspending.*

In this dark place, the word I keep hearing from the Labour party is 'IDEOLOGY'. They accuse the coalition of introducing measures that owe nothing to fiscal prudence, only an ideological imperative to crush the working class. The more they are shuffled into a corner by their own shortcomings the more they need to resort to the emotive posturings that stir the underclasses and the most vulnerable. These are to be found in Scotland, South Wales and the North East where the labour Support is historically strongest. The biggest fear I have is that when the Labour leaders feel rational argument is pointless they will mobilise their supporters, motivate them with revolutionary rhetoric and get them on the streets. At the moment they are helpless to influence policy; their efforts are vilified from every corner, whilst Osborne's plans are welcomed by industry leaders and the international financial watchdogs. Faced with five years of having their failures thown back in their faces, I can envisage a desperate Miliband upping the stakes. By repeatedly insisting that the Coalition's plans are ideologically based, the more resentment will be built up leading to massive industrial unrest. The Labour leaders will fuel the conflict by telling the militants that they have nothing to lose, by which they mean that they themselves are in the same position.

* Has Gordon Brown other things on his mind besides his disastrous tenure as Leader of the UK? As the son of a cleric, his whole life has been influenced by the teachings of the Church and yet I'm sure something troubles him. What is it?

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