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Wednesday 6 October 2010

Thieving Bastards

What did Vince Cable call investment bankers? Spivs I think he said. Not much different to a lot of parliamentarians then - thieving bastards the lot of them.

I saw an advertisement tonight where a Bingo company is offering prospective customers an offer - For a £5 game bought, they will will give £25 worth of free games. If it isn't supermarkets using alcohol as a loss leader, we now have gambling firms soliciting clients by offers designed to encourage the vulnerable in society to spend their money on products they don't need. Doesn't the country make goods or otherwise engage in businesses that do not involve drugs or gambling. The Government is going to prohibit the sale of 'cheap' alcohol; it ought to ban these special 'introductory' offers to lure people into gambling, especially online gaming, where 'spivs' routinely deprive hard working but naive people of their hard earned cash. As soon as the economy picks up, television advertising of gambling products, recently approved by the socialist Lemming party, should be banned.

I have recently blogged on those other thieving bastards, the fund managers in the City who cream off huge commissions from pension funds and other financial products. This exploitation of decent, hard working people has to stop.

A legal ombudsman has been introduced giving members of the public the opportunity to find better value for money in the legal profession. Recently a woman embroiled in an ugly divorce, asked for a breakdown of her £71000 bill and discovered that amongst other scandalous charges was one for £14 for sending her an email. Thieving bastards! How can they justify it? It's not as if we need the legal profession to survive in the same way we need farmers or oil drillers. The legal profession is a man made institution with no obvious place in the food chain; its part of being 'civilized'. The Government should put limits on what they can charge and bring them down to the level of, let me see, publicans. Yes they do similar work; they listen and dispense advice.

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