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Tuesday 12 October 2010

Tuition Fees

Fears are growing that graduates in the future could leave University with debts of more than £30000. The worry is that students from a less well off background will be deterred from continuing their education.

When I was a student, I was sponsored by my employer, the Ministry of Defence, in what was then called a 'thick sandwich' apprenticeship. After graduating, I served a further six years before leaving, having, I believe, discharged my obligation to the State. At the time I knew other students who were similarly sponsored by private firms.

Should this type of scheme be brought back? Give Companies a tax break to take on students, put them through University with the promise of a fixed term of employment afterwards. Students who opt to leave the Company early after graduating will have to pay a fee.

Alternatively, students who do 'useful' degree courses in say, engineering, science or computer sciences, will get assistance or pay nothing and those who do lifestyle type degrees such as Theology will have to pay.

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