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Monday 29 November 2010

Happiness Index

The Prime Minister wants to know what makes people happy.
I have often thought that any political party that said in its manifesto that it was going to tackle climate change in a positive way would win a landslide election. I don't mean by this that they would alleviate the effects of climate change. No. I mean that research would be undertaken in ways to give the UK much more sunshine. Nothing enhances a person's happiness more than to wake up to a sunny and bright day. All problems seem to diminish with the prospect of a shirtsleeve walk in the warmth of the sun.
Ostensibly it shouldn't be too difficult. Divert all money spent hitherto on climate change and carbon footprinting nonsense to discovering the technology needed to disperse clouds. Let's face it the sun, without fail, rises above the UK EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is only the damned clouds that stop the country benefitting from this fount of energy and happiness. Get rid of the clouds and we'd all be that much happier, living  the relaxed life of the Costas, planning barbecues weeks in advance knowing that weather wouldn't spoil it.
Now I know it's not that simple. Diverting the clouds might make matters worse for countries to the south or north of us, but who worries about the French anymore. Persuading the clouds to drop their load before reaching the British Isles would result in an even wetter Ireland. OK I joke but there must be away. Training a giant lens stationed in a stationary orbit on the cloud might burn it off. Microwaves aimed up at the clouds from the west country might evaporate the water content but may have consequences for the aviation industry. Nevertheless, I believe it's worth having a go if only to persuade those, like me, who have moved to warmer and sunnier climes to return to what is, despite everything, the greatest country in the world.

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