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Saturday 27 November 2010

John Major speaks

“Can the Coalition achieve its purpose in five years? It will be hard pounding but its programme is essential to national wellbeing and so, if uncompleted, I hope some way can be found to prolong co-operation beyond this parliament,” he said in a lecture at Churchill College, Cambridge.

So the former Prime Minister finds merit in the country being governed by representatives of two of the three main political parties of the UK. Why not go the whole hog, John, and accept that there is a case for a government of national unity, drawing on all the parties; one that works in the best interest of the country as a whole?

If this is the best solution, Government by a meritocracy of those whose SOLE interest is the well-being of the Nation, why bother with a general election? Why ask the general public to choose when we know that they have a record of picking the Lemming Party and self destruction?

The UK might become a single party state like China, perhaps with a publicly elected assembly to canvas public opinion and make recommendations to the Government.

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