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Friday 10 December 2010

Student riots

What a mess. Before yesterday's riots student leaders were asked about their attitude to violent protest. Predictably they denounced it and went ahead anyway, knowing full well that the anarchists and other assorted malcontents would take advantage. Crass stupidity and unrealistic optimism from a bunch with 'previous'. Some of the student leaders will no doubt become socialist researchers and even worse, Lemming MPs.
The politicians were more concerned with the image they portrayed of tolerance to peaceful protest rather than facing the real problem of getting the message over to a bunch of youngsters too full of juvenile idealism to see what any right minded person can- that these fees are essential for well funded universities and the students are getting a good deal for their education. The only people more ignorant than the rabble students were the socialist opposition who disregarding the fact the proposals were very similar to their own, took turns to denounce the plans in the debate. One Lemming, on a point of order even suggested that the bill would lead to civil unrest, a suggestion that invited trouble in its very saying. Irresponsible and stupid said Mr Willet the Government spokesman at the despatch box, winding up the debate and he wasn't wrong.
The widespread rioting and damage will not have helped the debate. I hope that people will now recognise that students should not only not be listened to, they should also not to be trusted with the vote. Only people paying National Insurance should have the vote.

A word about the police. Surely they have a right, when they leave their homes and families to go to work, to be protected from the sort of thuggery witnessed in London yesterday. They were let down by the commissioner of the Met Police who also failed to correctly anticipate the prospect of trouble. If the people of the UK expect to be protected in their homes and on the streets, they owe it to the men and women who put their bodies and lives on the line, to protect them from harm wherever possible. Yesterday wasn't good enough I want to hear more condemnation of the riots from the parliamentarians.
Desecration of the Nation's monuments by these students is evidence enough that the lessons of the past hasn't been heeded. They aren't listening. These people should be arrested and EDUCATED about decency and yes, sacrifice of those who died that they might have their freedom. When I'm king these bastards will be held in stocks in their own town centres and shamed so that their peers can throw rotten eggs and tomatoes at them.

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