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Wednesday 9 February 2011


First it was Andy Burnham at Education questions and yesterday it was the turn of Ed Balls to be humiliated at the dispatch box. It's so easy for the Coalition. The answer to every question is to point at the opposition benches and point out the failings of the past thirteen years.
The more I see of Goves, the Education minister, the more impressive he seems. It helps when he has so much command of his brief. Burnham asked a question on the proposed core subjects of the curriculum. Gove stood and speaking without notes laid into his opposite number so strongly that Burnham was left a cowering wreck. The brutality of it was almost embarrassing; a bit like watching a defenceless slave been butchered in a Roman ampitheatre.
Next up was Ed Balls, the shadow Treasury Man, the seller of the Nation's gold too cheaply, the stealer of people's pensions and builder of the largest structural deficit in the modern world. He tried to take the fight to Osborne but it was a sorry attempt that gave no comfort to his backbenchers. I fear that it may not be the last time.

I can't understand why so many. on the face of it intelligent people, support the Socialists when their record of bringing the Nation to its knees both educationally and financially is so appalling. They are a poor bunch.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister made a Common's statement on the early release of a Libyan man Al-Megrahi by the Scottish parliament on 'Compassionate grounds'. Despite previous statements by the then PM, Gordon Brown, that his Government played no part in the decision it has now come to light that in fact his Government 'facilitated' the early release of a man sentenced to Life imprisonment for the murder of hundreds of people; many from the US. I thought that Cameron spoke well and more reasonably than perhaps he might; perhaps out of deference for a previous holder of his position. He presumably could have asked the absent ex-PM to attend the House and explain but he didn't. Brown, who doesn't attend Parliament very often these days is acting like a beaten man. Perhaps Cameron didn't do so as an act of compassion.

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