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Wednesday 16 February 2011

The litigation profession

Today there's news of another innocent person being treated more badly under the law than the criminal who wronged him.

A man who discovered his employee was stealing from him, marched the thief to a police station with a notice around his neck accurately stating his crime. The criminal was released by the police with a caution but the victim was arrested. Although he too was released, he was later sued for damages by the thief for causing him humiliation and distress, contrary to his human rights.
In an out of court settlement the victim of the original crime is to pay £6000 damages to the offender plus his legal costs. That the law is an ass is surely beyond dispute when the guilty win and the innocent lose. It makes the country a laughing stock and belittles all those who stand up for the rights of victims and the need for JUSTICE.

If the payment to the thief wasn't bad enough there is the matter of the legal costs. The original criminal's legal costs, are to be paid by the poor employer amounting to £25000, a sum so large he will have to sell his home to pay it. This is an astonishing sum of money and I hope he asked for a complete breakdown of where these charges come from. If it's true and he has to pay this sum it only serves to remind me of the overrated money grabbing nature of the selfserving bastards in the litigation profession. These people make or create nothing, design nothing or do anything useful to contribute to society except arbitrate and make huge amounts of undeserved money for themselves, creaming off the hard earned earnings of more worthy others. They are parasites, living and trading on the demise and misery of others.

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