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Monday 14 March 2011

Maternity Leave

A woman has received a ten figure compensation after being made redundant  for claiming maternity leave for a second child whilst still on leave for the preceding child. A tribunal has ruled that this breaches her rights under the discrimination legislation.

Am I alone in thinking that this ruling goes completely against common sense and rather than promoting the employment of women will ultimaely mean that none of child bearing age will ever be employable again.

The point about work is surely a contract between an employer and an employee whereby the one, in order to make a profit, engages the other in exchange for a livelihood (cash). It is a perfectly natural arrangement suiting both parties. What we have now, is a breakdown in the arrangement where the employee is being given the livelihood whilst offering nothing in exchange. This goes against common sense. Taken to its logical conclusion, the employer could make a loss and go out of business, putting everyone out of work, whilst the absent employee, indulging in her own PERSONAL needs takes money she has NOT earned.

Why would anyone go into business in the UK when legislation is introduced that is not conducive to good corporate practice? Is this being sexist? Probably but it cannot be helped when we have men and women and only women take time off at someone elses expense to have children. This is not something new. It's been going on since Adam and Eve, for Heaven's sake.
Some will argue that without this legislation, women with ability would not give up work to have their children and that therefore the future population would  be composed of the children from feckless families, living off benefits or the very wealthy who can employ nannnies.

If you think that the system is wrong; that women are being discriminated against, then I would say find another way but do not hamper businesses who are all struggling to survive in a very difficult market place.

Paternity Leave? Don't start me!

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