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Sunday 5 June 2011

Test Matches at Lords

The talk by the Sky sports commentators during lunch on the third day of the current Test against Sri Lanka was about the sense of playing two international matches at cricket HQ when the north of the country has none.

I would ask why play any matches on a ground where the wicket is so much in favour of the batsmen that huge scores are the norm and matches are invariably drawn. Since 2002, all matches versus Sri Lanka at Lords involve scores of over 500. Cricket fans should expect to see 300 runs and ten wickets in a day's play otherwise the match is a bore and the perception is that the game is biased against bowlers. Either the wickets need to be less 'flat' or the ball should be redesigned to give the bowlers more help. People should ask why in a full five day match, a result is not possible?

Why would anyone want to be a first class bowler, breaking your back to extract some life from a placid wicket with the result that your career analyses suffer irrevocably? James Anderson did well to be injured for this match, avoiding the pain of struggling in a one sided battle. I ask with scant hope of changing the minds of those who think of batsmen as the elite, the peers of the game whilst the bowlers are the working class machines who'se sole purpose is to feed balls for the amusement of the Gentleman. To my mind a ball that seams and beats the outside edge of the bat is every bit as exciting as a well stroked four.
Drawn Test Matches only hasten their demise as people are drawn to the one-day games.

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