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Tuesday 26 July 2011

Higgs Boson. Still no sightings.

Nature abhors Zero

In my description of the dualistic nature of our universe, it is necessary to expand on the premise that because the whole amounts to NOTHING, there is no need of a creator; there is, in effect, nothing to create.

Before our universe came into being as a result of a quantum fluctuation, there was nothing, a timeless and infinite expanse of nothingness which has been described as a ‘Pleroma’, a ‘Bythos’ or a ‘Monad’. Although the quantum fluctuation that gave ‘life’ to our universe is special, because we are talking in terms of infinity, it must have occurred an infinite number of times before and will occur an infinite number of times in the future, creating an infinite number of universes.

Why is it dualistic? Mathematics are the only truth and they tell us that there must always be two solutions or parts to any entity because of the very nature of the number one, the unity through the fact that:
1= 1 x 1
1= -1 x –1
In other words, any entity which is a product of itself and unity must have this dual solution.

Although the universe is dualistic in nature, the sum of the two parts amounts to zero in terms of energy. If it were possible to perceive our universe from the outside, nothing would be seen or experienced.
Why does this happen? In the same way that nature abhors a vacuum, it also abhors zero. Scientists who have struggled to find ways to circumvent singularities in their calculations will know the problems of zero.
Nature would rather see zero as the sum of two equal and opposite quantities.

Take the equation: 0 = +1-1

This equation is not created; it is a statement of mathematical (the only truth) fact. In the same way, a dualistic universe that sums to zero does not need a creator.
That our and every universe is composed of two parts is possibly the reason why scientists are struggling to understand the fundamentals of our existence. They are trying to find the answers solely within our part of the universe. That they cannot find evidence of the Higgs boson and its associated Higgs field is not therefore a surprise. Nor should it be a surprise that nobody has yet seen or heard ‘dark matter’ or ‘dark energy’. They need to be examining their data assuming the existence of ‘negative’ dimensions.

Some further thoughts on an infinite and eternal Pleroma, Bythos or Monad.
Think of it if you can; a presence that can’t be sensed, a zero energy entity, with no boundaries in space or time that is full of universes of different ages. More universes are constantly coming into existence, each one of zero total energy and an infinite number more will form. When you think of the infinite some astonishing possibilities exist.
Each person on earth has been exactly reproduced an infinite number of times in the past and an infinite number will live exactly the same lives in the future. Of course there will be an infinite number of close replicas as well, leading almost identical lives. An infinite number of times in the past they have married the same women and in an infinite number of occasions they have married different ones.
The very existence of life will have been replicated an infinite number of times, leading to evolutionary developments that we have yet to see but which will be inevitable. When our universe impinges with one billions and trillions years older, they will coalesce and merge allowing travel between the universes.

To be continued

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