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Tuesday 5 July 2011

Ordure, ordure 3

Mr. Speaker:  Charles Fanshawe

Fanshawe (Conservative member for Bustington) :  Question number two, Sir.

Prime Minister:  In a difficult negotiation we believe that selecting the German firm, Siemens, ahead of the british firm, Bombardier, based  on costings and following EC rules, we believe we've achieved the best value for the British taxpayer.

Fanshawe: Based on costings, you say? Achieved the best value for money? What price does the Prime Minister put on the value of years of experience lost when Bombardier lay off their workforce? What cost was attached to the despair of those who lose their jobs and that of their families? What price was attached to the community as the level of unemployment rises to ridiculously high levels ...?      

Mr. Speaker:  Ordure; ordure. I think the house has got the gist ...

Fanshawe: Shut up you fatuous oaf...

Mr. Speaker:  Ordure; ordure ... Sit down!

Fanshawe:  I won't. Forgetting for a moment the cost to the British taxpayer of unemployment benefits and welfare, does the Prime Minister further agree with me that this decision is a slap in the face for British industry that will lead to a loss of confidence in our manufacturing companies?

Mr. Speaker:  Ordure; ordure

Prime Minister:  No! I am not holding a referendum on membership of the EC.

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