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Saturday 2 July 2011

Wind Power- beyond hot air

So the truth is out. Britain's wind farms produced miniscule amounts of energy last year as the wind they feed on, died.

Is there any-one listening? I doubt it because it's not what those with a vested, financial, interest want to hear. Despite the Fukashima disaster, Nuclear energy represents the only real possibility for stable supply of energy in the foreseeable future. For those with safety concerns over Nuclear, it is worth pointing out that Fukashima was nearing the end of its very successful life and was only destroyed by a freak combination of natural disasters. It is unlikely to be repeated, but in any case, it's worth remembering that fossil fuel powered Stations suffer, not only their own troubles, but also those from the coal mines and oil platforms that produce the raw material and must be taken into account.

Stop the spread of windmill farms NOW!

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