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Tuesday 23 August 2011

Libya update 2

The rebels have entered Tripoli. Gaddafi seems to be confined in the small area around his compound and it is looking as if his regime will soon end. What then? Readers of this blog will know that I'm sceptical about the future as it being fashioned by Cameron and the other NATO countries. When Gaddafi is finally deposed, do they imagine that peace will break out all over the country? Do they imagine that all the different tribes will be reconciled and that the age-old custom of retribution will be swept under the carpet in the spirit of National unity.

When it's over the country will be awash with fighters who will have retained their weapons. They will want results for the all the stress of battle and I say it will be difficult for the new leaders of the Transitional Government to appease everyone. In the same way that Gaddafi assumed power with the strength of his character after King Idris was deposed forty odd years ago, the Country needs a new figurehead and what better than to reintroduce the Monarchy? In some ways it would be rather fitting, particularly as the Arab nations have a monarchistic tradition, as I mentioned in my blog of February 21st 2011.

Mohammed El Senussi, the 48 year old nephew of the old king is widely acknowledged to be the rightful head of the Royal House of Libya. Educated in the UK he has been vocal in support of the rebels, although he has been at pains to say that he would like to serve his country in any capacity it saw fit without promoting the idea of a constitutional Monarchy. Idris, his uncle, had no male heir which may or may not have contributed to Gaddafi's coup, occuring as it did on the day before the King was due to abdicate in favour of his brother, Mohammed El Senussi's father. Sadly, Mohammed also has no heir and this may again be a problem in establishing a new regime.

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