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Monday, 10 October 2011

England Rugby Union.

The England team return home without distinction; indeed almost shamefully. Not only were they poor on the field, they were poor off it doing the team no credit at all and bringing the whole country into disrepute.
We all know that rugby tours can involve some wild moments but with the world's cameras on them, surely it was negligent to party in public. Was there no management or leadership?
There was, also, little positive management in the field of play. The game is sadly not the same as it was when I played and enjoyed it. There is, for instance, too much kicking and scrummaging takes far too long-up to five minutes a time. In what remains, the running and passing aspects of the game, England were woeful showing little imagination in the design of attack, were too slow to put it into action and had no real power in its execution. Why were Wilkinson and Flood chosen when power and pace are needed? Are there no younger English fly-halves who might have gained experience at this level. The English emphasis was again over-weighted towards the forwards. This will always be the way whilst we have a former forward, Martin Johnson, as chief coach. As I remember the best English sides were those run by a back, Clive Woodward. Is this a coincidence?

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