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Thursday 19 April 2012

Deportation and Legal costs

The proposed deportation of Islamic terrorist, Abu Qatada, has run into difficulties when his legal team appealed to the European Court of Human Rights. Forgetting that Abu Qatada doesn't for a moment recognise any other law but Sharia, this farce, apart from making the UK a laughing stock, highlights yet again the heinous role of the legal profession in abstracting money from the public purse.
Time and time again these Legal teams find ways of prolonging the stay in a country he and his family despises whilst accepting the Country's hospitality, all the while costing the tax payers a fortune in fees for legal aid. Who are these people? They are clearly acting contrary to the interests of the Country and ought to be exposed for what they are. Long gone are the days when the legal profession was an honourable career. From obtaining acquittals from motoring offences on mere technicalities; from ambulance chasing tactics to pursue ordinary businesses trying to exact a meagre living in difficult circumstances, to frustrating the will of the people with complex points of order designed to prolong the judicial process and so enlarge their already considerable profits. To many their practice resembles one more properly belongs to the realm of traitors and their fees, for work where nothing is manufactured or in other ways, wealth created, are more suited to that of parasites.
This terrorist sympathiser is an enemy of the Country and should be deported immediately. No ifs or buts and every taxpayer should lobby his or her Member of Parliament to lodge their refusal to pay their share of his legal aid.

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