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Friday 6 April 2012

Racism in the Met

It is likely that dozens of Metropolitan Police Officers are to face disciplinary proceedings for alleged racism. I presume this refers to overt racism or verbally expressed racism.
Almost everyone is racist to some degree. It would be unnatural if it wasn't so because hard wired into every human beings mind must be a defence mechanism that suggests that safety comes from sticking with the family, community or tribe. Those outside these parameters are aliens and constitute possible danger. It is a primitive instinct but no less valid for that.
Police officers are particularly vulnerable to racially inspired prejudice. All too often they see the trafficking and sexual abuse of young white girls being perpetrated by Asian gangs. They find that the majority of very young black drivers of high value cars are involved with the drugs trade. Most anti-terrorism surveillence is conducted on Muslims. It leads one to surmise that if all 'racist' police officers were suspended would there be anybody left because, like the rest of us, they are all human and unlikely to be saints.
Traditionally if a member of a society allies themselves with another they are open to the charge of being treacherous. It might be argued that Police Officers who abet minority interests ahead of those of the indigenous residents on the grounds of 'political correctness', can be counted amongst this number.

Those engaged with social engineering of the people should proceed with care lest the devil they hope to contain proves to be less worrisome than the monster they create.

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