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Tuesday 8 May 2012

London Mayoral Election results

The biggest surprise in the London Mayoral elections is not that Boris Johnson won but that almost a million people voted for Livingstone despite his standing for the Party that brought the Nation to its economic knees and that he is a champagne socialist making huge amounts of money whilst being reluctant to pay his full taxes. When will the people learn and if they won't learn, take away their vote?
I was disappointed with the result for UKIP. The Liberal Democrats and Greens both polled twice as many votes but I'm sure it won't always be this way. As each country discovers how disastrous the EU and the Euro is for their people, the traditional Parties will be forced to respond and who knows, Nigel Farage may become the man of the moment. Momentous times lie ahead. Let's hope the politicians see sense before the people take to the streets in their millions. If they are stupid enough to vote for Livingstone, they are certainly capable of trashing Cities.

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