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Saturday 26 May 2012

Nuclear Energy and the Labour Party

On the BBC's programme, Question Time, the former deputy leader of the Labour Party, John Prescott, seemed to agree with the statement that his Party's abandonment of the UK's nuclear energy programme was due to the lobbying of the National Union of Mineworkers. They had forsaken the interests of the British Nation for the ideological support of their left-wing backers. Some might call this treachery!

After the war, the UK was one of the leaders in nuclear technology with a centre of excellence at Harwell. As a result of the Labour Party's policies, the country has lost almost all of its competative edge along with all its experience and accumulated knowledge.  These days what is left of Harwell and nearby Culham seem to be more involved with experimental physics than developing new technologies for generating power. Sure, a lot of money was spent chasing the 'Fusion' dream rather than say, Thorium technology, but to my mind it was like looking for the perpetual motion machine whilst other countries such as France and Japan knuckled down to making better use of what was already known. Now, with the fossil fuels running low and the Country at the mercy of gas producers such as Russia, renwables such as the stupid wind turbines will not be able to meet the Country's energy need when the old Magnox reactors are closed down.

So keen were the Labour party to chase votes nand appease their followers, they lost sight of the National Interest. This can't be right!
It is a prime example of why the democratic system fails the Nation and my system of a five man 'Politburo' should be adopted. Quite correctly the matter should have been debated in Parliament, the motion reviewed in the revising chamber before being forwarded and rejected as not being in the public interest by the Politburo.

An outline of my form of meritocracy can be found here:

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