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Thursday 12 July 2012

Aren't you just sick of the Olympic Games

Aren't you just sick of the Olympic Games?

The whole thing is a super extravagant farce from the start with the Sovereign Nation handing over powers to the Olympic Committee as bribes to attract the games to the country in the first place. The politicians justify all by insisting that the whole country will benefit but in reality it is the ordinary people who are squeezed out of the good ticket allocation and the politicians who predictably receive invites from favoured sponsors to the 100 m final. It makes you reach for the sick bag.
Now we hear that anti-competition rules will be waived to suit McDonalds who don't want anyone else supplying potato chips unless accompanied by fish. All this nonsense so we can have an extravaganza of Olympic officials flouting traffic and other regulations, travel chaos and disruption to the citizens to accommodate non- olympic sports such as beach volleyball or synchronised swimming for heaven's sake. I don't want to sound a party pooper but hasn't this all gone a bit far. I mean olympic football and tennis? What was wrong with the old amateur ideal? Oh! I understand-it was open to corruption. Really! And it isn't now? 

I think it should all be scaled back to what the Olympics was originally all about. Field and track plus selected martial arts such as wrestling. Nothing else. I might like to add one new sport of pitting politicians against the lions but the RSPCA might protest that it would be too cruel on the cats. Mind you it would be one ticket I might actually try and obtain if I could fathom how the system worked. Perhaps I should ask Lord (Soon to be Saint) Coe how to go about it.

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