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Thursday 19 July 2012

Why are there so few bankers in jail?

I thought I might share this video which asks the question: Why are there so few bankers in jail? To view click on the link below and be prepared to be outraged.

I notice in the press recently that fund managers are coming in for criticism over the high levels of fees charged for account management of pension funds. These fees, charged whether the stock market is high or low can reduce the value of the funds by hundreds of thousands of pounds rendering them inadequate for the use they were intended.
I once had an ISA, bought for the maximum allowable in one year, £7000. When I sold it for £1000 several years later I asked the fund manager why he was still charging me fees for so badly managing my asset. As I remember I was fobbed off with some response that he was acting in accordance with guidelines. It is high time the fat cat fund managers were brought down to earth. Remember they do no real work. They make money by manipulating wealth CREATED BY OTHERS.

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