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Monday 6 August 2012


The Curiosity Mars lander has been successfully delivered to the surface of the red planet. This is a tremendous achievement and all involved at NASA can be rightfully proud of what they've achieved.

The object of the exercise seems to be principally finding out if life ever existed here or continues to live on this harsh and barren world. I suggest that it is almost certain to find that life has visited the planet at one time or another and that visitations still go on daily. It is my contention that since our universe was born, it has merged with a finite but huge number of other, often much larger and older universes, and that as a consequence life or life producing molecules have been able to freely move throughout the combined space. An infinite number of such Universes, obeying the same laws of physics as on Earth, have been created from an infinite and eternal nothingness (Not Big Bang) and an infinite number will be created in the future.
In this scenario, it can be inferred that other life must be found in the universe although not necessarily in a form we are familiar with. Different evolutionary processes might obtain which because of its infinite time of development might be considered advanced. Because these processes occur over an infinite time scale, they must have occurred an infinite number of times. I, myself, have existed an infinite number of times and have married the same woman an infinite number of times. I have also married an infinite number of different wives, such is the wonder of the possibilities of life in an infinity of universes.

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