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Wednesday 1 August 2012

Destruction of Syria

Video picture released in the last two days suggest the cold blooded murder of prisoners by the so called 'Free Syrian Army'. Amidst the destruction of the Country's second City Aleppo, it is the forerunner of what is about to occur-the total destruction of the Country; not only the visible signs of ruined buildings and infrastructure but also the invisible rifts in communities and families that was seen in Spain fifty years ago and still exists today.
To my mind, the civil war has gone too far to be stopped. Buoyed by the so called 'Arab Spring', the anti-government militias took strength, aided and abetted by the likes of the UK prime minister, Cameron, who supported the notion that President Assad step down. Cameron might ask himself in the light of what is seen in the video, whether he would have been better advised to keep quiet. In Iraq, the overthrow of the dictator, Saddam Hussein, has shown what can happen when the West intervenes in other countries, opening a new can of worms, further public disorder and unrest with daily new outrages caused by the Sunni militants (possibly backed by Al Qaeda) and other dissatisfied factions. Assad may have to have been heavy handed in the past to suppress sedition and daily we can now see what happens when his opponents are let loose. If Assad goes, what then? Do you believe it will be better? The Syrian people might well ask themselves if it is better to be right and dead because before much longer, many more, including innocent women and children, will be slaughtered and the Country reduced to rubble.

I reiterate my earlier call that a better solution to these problems-one that the Syrian general public might feel they can get behind is the reintroduction of the Monarchy. Not with absolute power but within the constitution. The Syrians (and Iraquis) have had a king before and I believe the royal family has living members. The same can be said of Libya. All these countries need a unifying force and a Monarch can be very beneficial as can be seen with King Carlos in Spain. Incidentally, to my mind, Persia went downhill the moment they deposed the Shah. One can see a trend here. Poor Monarch and little or no solid constitution leads to overthrow and division. A dictator comes to power, ruling with an iron fist so that opposition is suppressed and underground. The West finally intervenes, bloodshed follows and chaos results. You can see the same thing happening in Afghanistan.

Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Libya might ask why Allah is not coming to their aid. I remember watching a film about the Jews in a Concentration Camp put Yahweh on trial for neglecting his people and finding him culpable. Might not the Muslim communities around the world ask the same question? Let's face it- if there are a billion Muslims in the world praying five times a day, I calculate that since Mohammed's day there must have been about 2,737,500,000,000,000 prayers said. Out of this huge number, statistically some must come true but not once has Allah indicated to the Islamicists whether it is better to follow the Shi'ite or the Sunni tradition, despite millions of people being slaughtered supporting one or the other. I wonder if any of them have thought the unthinkable and considered that the reason for this is that Allah does not exist other than as a figment in the imagination of a sixth century mystic?

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