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Thursday 9 August 2012

Invisible Earnings

Can you remember the time, thirty or forty years ago when the newscaster used to tell us that Britains balance of payments was yet again in the red with imports exceeding exports. However, we were not to worry because the deficit was easily cancelled out by 'invisible earnings' such as banking and insurance. How smug we felt, safe and secure in the knowledge that our 'invisible earnings' were seeing the Country right, keeping all our heads above water.
I didn't understand then the thieving nature of what passed for trade in those days; the financial exploitation of the hard working poorer peoples of the world and the seamless transfer of money from those outside the world of banking to those within, aided and abetted by the politicians who lined their own pockets by keeping quiet. Incidentally, Cameron's insistance on ring fencing overseas aid seems to me a device to ensure taxpayer's money eventually comes back into the banker's coffers.
In June the UK recorded its biggest ever deficit; over £4.3 billion pounds at a time when Barclays and Standard Chartered Banks are embroiled with yet more scandalous behavour in their never ending dash for bigger and bigger profits. Their greed knows no bounds but this time, I guess, they have not come to the rescue of the UK's balance of payments. The Country needs to properly trade with the rest of the world and surely this must now turn to manufacturing using modern science and technology. Now is the time for large scale change. If the banks won't help then the nearly nationalised RBS should be taken over by the taxpayers and run in the interests of the Nation. No messing about. Kick the thieving bastards out, confiscate their assets and let their stinking businesses rot in hell. If the politicians continue to run the country according to the wishes of the lobbyists, kick them out too. Cameron and Clegg have demonstrated that they are more interested in their respective Parties than they are to the wellbeing of the Nation. They are both pathetic and I look forward to seeing them both pilloried at their Party conferences despite them being stage-managed to avoid controversy.

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