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Friday 7 September 2012

Variable Speed of Light?

The BBC's 'Horizon' programme last week hinted that scientists have found evidence that the speed of light might not be constant, after all. Light of varying wavelengths and therefore varying energy has been received from Gamma Ray Emission (GRE)  events at the edge of the visible universe, up to 10 billion light years distant. They have discovered that the highest energy photons take 5 seconds longer to traverse the almost unimaginatively enormous distance.
Readers of my blog will know that this is not surprising as different particles may travel along a different time line than normal. See my blog:

It is taking time but the world is slowly waking up to my concept of negative dimensions and the probability that the earliest theologians were right in accepting that the universe is of two parts but incorrectly attributing the differences, through lack of knowledge, to metaphysical rather than physical traits.

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