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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Industrial Britain today.

Watch advertisements on commercial television these days and it might lead one to imagine what sort of industry takes place in the 'Sceptred Isles'. Pay day loan companies share the airways with online betting shops. Both industries make or invent nothing, do not contribute to the advancement of mankind or in other ways add to the sum of human achievement. They exist solely for the purpose of taking money, mostly from the poorest amongst us, and putting it in the pockets of the wealthiest, bringing misery to the people who can least afford it. The use of modern technology facilitates the transfer of money making the impoverishment of the masses both easy and painless at the time.
How is it that the gambling companies can advertise on television?  Who is responsible and who benefitted in Government? Gambling addiction leads to personal misery, family break-up and often death by suicide. Somebody is to blame!
Watching these advertisements is embarrassing and leads one to ask what sort of Britain do we live in when its fastest growing industries are such as these and not say, shipbuilding. Shyster Britain!

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