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Monday 25 February 2013

Leadership II

England; my England! How the Country could do with some leadership now.
The problem is power supply. With gas becoming increasingly expensive, fossil fuels being depleted and input from renewals such as wind and solar looking increasingly optimistic, the Government's, Labour and Coalition, dithering has put the country in potentially dire trouble.
I fear that lack of leadership will result in severe power shortages in a few years unless they immediately accelerate the Nuclear power station programme. The stupidity of previous administartions in running down the British Nuclear Industry has resulted in loss of expertise abroad to Country's not so susceptible to the siren voices of the ridiculous 'Green' lobby. Instead of being world leaders in the industry we will have to rely on Japan or France to build our reactors.
There is still dithering as the price of gas goes through the roof and availability becomes evermore dependent on Countries that owe no allegiance to the people of the United Kingdom. The Country can't rely on huge Corporations owning these power stations. They need to be run and owned by the people for the people. It is too important to be left to managers who owe their first allegiance to shareholders, many of whom will be foreign. There are some industries too important to be controlled by outside interests. Steel production is another; railways, another. Surely it is not beyond the wit of Government to devise a means of having a Corporation run efficiently on behalf of the citizens of the country, run on a commercial basis not as a socialist experiment of giving jobs to voters at the Country's expense.
Too expensive? Imagine the unbelievable tragedy of the lights going out throughout the country because Politicians today haven't the courage to do what is right for the Country.
Pick the best design and get building before it is too late. Make decisions in the UKs best interests. Take politics out of it; stop thinking of the next election because future generations will not forgive those who have abrogated their duty for short term self interest. The Governments first duty is to protect its people. DO IT!

For those worried about nuclear waste and its disposal  my solution is to package it all up and blast it into space where it can be directed into the centre of the sun from whence everything including mankind came from. The ultimate in recycling you might call it.        

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