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Wednesday 6 March 2013

Tank Regiments to lose their tanks

It is sad that we hear that the Tank Regiments are to be incorporated into Infantry brigades and lose their main battletanks.
The heavy battletanks, developed during the First World War were game changers and continued to influence the battlefield for almost a century, until as recently as the last Gulf War. Logistics dictate that in the changing face of warfare, tanks are no longer needed in the defence of an island nation like Britain. Indeed, with their ever increasing vulnerability to attack helicopters and mines, it is difficult to see how they can be used, as before, to consolidate any gain in ground, even with air superiority.
The Armed Forces, with the emphasis on adaptability and speed of deployment are changing. Increasing use of expendible drone aircraft instead of manned multi billion pound jets points the way to a battlefield populated with computerised robots and it is to this technology that our Defence industry should surely turn. Most of the work must be done in secret but one has to believe that the Government is getting on with new and ever more powerful means to defend our 'sceptred' isle and also reduce the cost in terms of lives lost in conflict.

Thank you, all those who have served in the Armoured Brigades with conspicuous gallantry on battlefields around the globe.

 'Through the Mud and the Blood to the Green Fields Beyond'.

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