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Thursday 28 March 2013

Treasonable behaviour

A foreign national has had his extradition to his own country quashed by British judges on the grounds that evidence in his own trial may have been obtained through torture.
No matter that the legal aid he's received to fight the extradition order has cost British taxpayers a fortune or that the accused despises the very people who have been so generous with their money and hospitality, the bewigged snooties at the pinnacle of British justice continue to frustrate the will of Parliament in this regard. In doing so they appear, to me, to be, firstly, interfering in the internal affairs of another country and, secondly, giving succour and comfort to an enemy of the state.
If they are guilty in the first instance of gross bad manners, in the second, they are surely guilty of TREASON!
Detain them immediately, Home Secretary. Let the Law Lords languish in jail until they come to understand that nothing in law should jeopardise the safety of the citizens of the realm.
Send 'em down!­

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