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Tuesday 11 June 2013

Ken Bilderberg Clarke

So! Ken Clarke was upset about being 'dragged' to the House of Commons to explain the agenda of the 'private' Bilderberg group meeting in Watford. True to his commitment of 'Omerta', he gave nothing away but took the opportunity to pooh pooh those who suspect sinister goings-on.
Well, Mr. Ken Clarke, let me tell you that the British people whilst appreciating the privacy of others, do not expect to foot the bill for policing, running into hundreds of thousands of pounds, so that world leaders can exercise their 'private' whims. Nor do they expect their political leaders to meet with leading politicians and financiers, in strange circumstances, without some report of their activities.
Let me also tell you, Mr. Ken Clarke, that come the next General Election the voting public might well remember your smug disrespect for the UK public, their fears amidst a world in turmoil and vote accordingly. Prepare to lose your seat to UKIP, the party of common Sense.

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