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Sunday 23 June 2013

Socialism on the move again

In the development of human societies, or so it seems, there comes a time when the community, dissatisfied with life's lot, hunger for a fairer system of Government and turn to ideas of Socialism. In the US and the industrial northern Europe, the experiment persisted throughout the twentieth Century and it was found, in every instance, to have failed the very people it was meant to help, the working class.

Now, around the world, the new economies, such as Brazil, Turkey and China are going through the same growing pains and out of the woodwork emerge the Socialists with their calls for 'Peoples Assemblies' and calls for 'Workers of the World, unite'. It doesn't seem to matter how often their discredited system fails they seem incapable of giving up their quest for some sort of Utopia where the lion lies down with the sheep. They want to insist that somehow life can be fair and that, contrary to perceived wisdom, we are all, miraculously, the same. They are like boxers that after being knocked down keep getting up from the floor and insisting that they can carry on only to be knocked down again and again. It's as if that they can't abandon a family tradition for fear of betraying their Communist or Trotskyist heritage.

The problem for these countries is that the world has moved on and they are having to adapt more quickly than perhaps they should. We can see that China, for instance, has made the biggest leaps by ditching their former Communist ideals and embracing a more Capitalistic way of business allowing free enterprise a free rein. They have managed this by retaining a form of Government that may be a blueprint for western nations, tiring of the manifest problems of our Democracies. The difference between the Chinese system and those of the west is that they don't trust the people to elect the correct people. They don't trust the people to vote for a party that has the Nation's best interests at heart. They are absolutely right as proved by the British electorate being seduced by Blair's 'New' Labour and voting for a Party that almost bankrupted Britain. The Socialists have had their day and failed. They should all go home and shut up. What the working class need is better, more inspirational and above all, honest leaders.

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