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Friday 23 August 2013

Possession; nine-tenths of the law?

A man was burgled and later saw the items stolen being sold on an online site. He told the Metropolitan Police but was given scant attention by the forces of law and order and a written warning. He was told that if he attempted to buy the items on the website and tried to recover the money from the promoters he would be guilty of committing FRAUD.
This follows on from the case of a couple having a £30000 luxury caravan stolen. The caravan was found by the police but because the family of travellers told them they had paid £300 fo it, the forces of law and order told the unfortunate couple that nothing could be done to recover their property. Presumably the family in occupation conveniently didn't remember the person from whom they bought the caravan.
Sickening face of today's image of law and order in the UK. The guilty keep the proceeds of crime and the dispossessed are told to get on with it, whatever 'it' is. I've no doubt that the bloody human rights lawyers are behind this blatant miscarriage of justice and its about time the Government stamped on the whole damn lot of them.

Remember; there should be only ONE human right; that is to have the chance of life. No others. It's not a human right to have a family life, to be happy, to be healthy or anything else.

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